From Hayman Consulting clients:

Freedom Charity is a Norwich-based charity working to prevent forced marriage and other abuse against women and girls which Hayman Consulting has been supporting to build relationships and influence policy since October 2017. Founder Aneeta Prem says: “As a charity working on a cause which has been under-represented in the past, Joe’s support has been invaluable. Being based outside London and not always having access to the same resources and networks which corporates and big charities have means that sometimes our voice isn’t heard as loudly as it should be. Joe’s support has been essential in raising the profile of ‘hidden abuse’ committed in the UK against women and girls.”

Project ACEi is a community organisation working to prevent female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK, which Hayman Consulting has been working with to build its influence since November 2017.
Founder Alimatu Dimonekene says: “The help we have received from Joe has been priceless: working with someone who can navigate the corridors of power, has connections in politics and the media and knows how to press the right buttons of those we want to influence makes a big difference.”